No one can see exactly what was in Immi's mind when he developed Krav Maga. However when you compare Krav Maga Techniques to the rest of the Martial Arts, and all the information books photos videos and students of students in lineage of their creators teachings, you can see that Bujustu branched sports and recreation training methods which contributed to in depth elaboration of the art of war but at the same time contributed to lax perception and over simplification. 

Many times techniques were taken from approach to one pressure point in the human body and added to another pressure point approach in the human body, although each had a specific requirements. That added unnecessary load of irrelevant training. 

What Immi has done he took the existing techniques he had learnt and looked into others that he had not learnt apart and put them together in different order adding prefixes and suffixes according the Hand to Hand Combat logic of the Chain of Defense bounded by the limits of the human reaction time at each link! 

As for the training drills, he divided the training process into links ensuring emphases of the lethal elements drilling in the most complex way possible yet ensuring the students acquisition of familiarity with the route to the kill and its consequences.


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